Kisako Web Gallery 2008

Here are the works created by our 2008 sumie class students for our first annual exhibition.

You can also enjoy the exhibition through the following video on youtube:

Gwen "Ripe Kakis" Gwen "Black Matsu"
Heleen "Spring Blossom"Heleen "Full Lotus"
"Isabelle "persimmon"Isabelle "Fly Lotus
Jennifer " Flowers"Jennifer "Need for Speed"
Keiko "Heibayo"Keiko "Yakushi Nyorai"
Kit "Pine and Cone"Kit "Waves of grain"
Kiyoko "Pomegranate"Kiyoko "Pineapple"
Mat " Matt's Matsu"Mat " Matt's Bamboo"
Sandra " Lotus ans Dragoinfly"
Yukiko" Dry Lotus"Yukiko "Lotus"