A Tailor-Made Syllabus
Because some Kisako private-lesson students have switched to us from different schools and some are just starting out, we make it a policy to initiate the construction of each private-lesson student's course program following an introductory counseling session. It is there that the objectives and the schedule for the course are established; how quickly you wish to achieve a particular level of competence and how much time you have to devote to study are the main factors affecting the speed of your course.

Also, because Kisako conducts periodic assessments of your progress, course content and speed can be flexibly adjusted even after your program is underway. 

A Smooth Transition
Many of our private-lesson students have already begun studying with textbooks and other learning materials which they have used at other schools or which they have selected themselves. With Kisako, we don't force you to change boats in midstream. You can keep using your current textbook, and we'll construct your lesson plans by taking into account what you've already mastered and what you haven't.
We have found, however, that most of our beginning students, and many of our advanced students as well, choose to work within the framework established by the highly-regarded University-level textbook series, Japanese: The Spoken Language.