Customized Culture Sessions

In addition to the Japanese culture sessions at I-House, we at Kisako also offer customized culture sessions based on your needs, interests, and budget.  This is ideal for companies which seek opportunities for their foreign employees to understand more about Japanese culture, Japanese society, or the Japanese way of thinking.  For Japanese companies sending employees abroad, our sessions can help prepare employees and spouses to introduce Japanese culture to people in foreign countries.

The language for the sessions is primarily in English, but it could be both in English and Japanese.

We can customize culture sessions with the following cultural aspects:

➢    sumie (brush-ink painting),
➢    washi (Japanese paper),
➢    kabuki,
➢    rakugo (traditional Japanese comic story-telling),
➢    shakuhachi, shamisen, koto,
➢    bonsai (miniature potted plant),
➢    ikebana (flower arrangement),
➢    tea ceremony,
➢    aikido,
➢    sumo, etc.

For more information, please drop an email ( or call us (03-3280-4535).

We look forward to hearing from you!