Form a Group!

If you know one person or more whose level and goals are similar to yours, or if we can find someone like that, we will create a course for you. You can start your course anytime, and lessons can be held at your company, or your home, or our office in Shirokanedai (limited to 08:00-09:00 a.m. on weekdays and Saturdays), or any other place which is suitable for a class. Lesson schedules can be adjusted based on the students' availability and preference each month.

You Won’t Be Locked In, Schedule-wise

For group lessons at other schools, lesson days and times are usually set in advance by the school, and if you cannot attend a certain class due to an unexpected development, that means you will miss the class and your money will be wasted. But with Kisako, if you give us notice before the class starts, you will be able to schedule a make-up lesson for half the time of the lesson you were supposed to take, subject to the instructor’s availability. Or if you notify your fellow learner(s) in advance that you will not be able to attend a certain class and all the class members agree to reschedule the class to a time mutually agreeable to all of you and the instructor, the class will be rescheduled without any charge.