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Japanese, the Way You Need It

"With Kisako, you get a trained teacher who probably knows what your question is before you ask it, and who will remember from week to week what you know and what you don't. They'll drill you hard, too. After a Kisako lesson, my brain is always tired out. But that's how you know that you actually learned something."
Keith Finch
"Kisako doesn't do language instruction, they do language training. I highly recommend their interactive approach to anyone who wants to learn to speak natural, understandable Japanese."
Marc Ostrowski
Manager, AT&T Japan
"I am pleased that Kisako makes use of the learning program co-authored by Eleanor Jorden and myself, which relies on systematic learning aids, highly trained instructors and sound pedagogical principles."
Mari Noda, Ph.D. (Cornell University)
The Ohio State University

"Welcome to Kisako Intercultural Institute, a comprehensive Japanese instruction program located in Tokyo. Our staff of highly-trained and professional instructors stands ready to provide you with customized language training at the pace, time, and location you specify. Kisako also offers Japanese culture classes. Please take a few moments to browse these pages and to see how Kisako can help you acquire the Japanese skills you need to succeed." Yoshie Sakai, Director
Yoshie Sakai
Please note that Kisako does not offer lessons which entitle students to a student visa.

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