You Won't Be Locked In, Payment-wise

Other schools may ask you to pay an up-front fee for a full term's worth of courses, or to buy a certain number of "tickets" which you can then exchange for lessons (and which expire after a limited time). With Kisako, you can start and stop your study whenever you like, with no long-term commitment. And whether you study with us for just one week or for three years, you will never be asked to pay in advance for private lessons that you may never take.

Pricing -- Customized Private Lessons

The following prices include 8% consumption tax.

Coordination Fee*: 10,800 yen (10,000 yen + tax)
Tuition Fee per Hour: 6,480 yen (6,000 yen + tax)  
Transportation Expense for the instructor(s)
Materials Expense (varies according to curriculum, usually between 3,500 yen and 10,000 yen)

* Coordination fee is a one-time fee upon initial enrollment.