The Right Teachers
Kisako teachers are expert in drilling students and in explaining Japanese grammar. Every Kisako teacher has undergone extensive specialized teacher training, either at renowned programs such as the SPEAC program at Ohio State University and the Exchange: Japan program at Bryn Mawr College, or through Kisako's own internal training program.
Learning Japanese is tough. So even serious students can get tired and discouraged. At times like those, it's great to know that Kisako instructors care. Though they are tough -- they do not allow you to get lackadaisical in class -- they are always encouraging. Put another way, like dedicated coaches, Kisako instructors push you to the limits of your ability, but never let you fail.
Here's what some of our students have to say:
"One of the things I particularly like about Kisako's approach to teaching is that it's structured and yet very flexible. Learning a new language well really means knowing how to integrate it into daily life and Kisako's instructors take a vested interest in me, my lifestyle, and how I want to express myself. Lessons are dynamic and yet with a plan so I always feel like I'm making progress. Kisako's instructors are also some of the nicest people you will meet and knowing that they genuinely care about your success makes what would otherwise be a very daunting task so much more achievable. I really appreciate all that they've done for me."

Jeff Glaum

"Kisako's flexibility in scheduling is much appreciated as well as the unlimited patience of the instructors. Without Kisako I would know even much less Japanese!"

Godard von Ilsemann

"I had struggled through a college-level course in Japanese but still had no practical speaking or listening ability. Kisako's program put me at ease and raised my comfort level in Japanese dramatically. The instructors are exceptionally talented, capable -- and patient! They are aslo creative, devising study methods that helped me easily master points that had stumped me in the past. I felt like we were all members of a team, working together to improve my language skills."
Maggie Tai Tucker