The Right Learning Materials
For private lesson students, Kisako tailors each student's learning program based upon that student's individual needs, as determined through an initial counseling session. Some students choose to work within the framework established by the highly-regarded University-level textbook series, Japanese: The Spoken Language by Eleanor Jorden and Mari Noda, published by the Yale University Press , while others choose to use some of the following textbooks among others:
"Japanese for Beginners in 25 Situations" by Naganuma school,
"Crash Course Japanese" by ALC Press,
"We Mean Business: Japanese for Business People" by Three A Network, and
"250 Essential Kanji for Everyday Use" by Kanji Text Research Group, University of Tokyo.

In addition, our recently-released "Survival Booklet" has been used widely among beginning students.

Choosing the right materials is crucial to learning foreign languages, so we usually recommend certain materials based on each student's needs but the final decision is the student's. We have used not only published textbooks but also 'real life' materials such as newspapers, magazines, novels, TV programs and so on. That is how we can tailor students' courses to their individual needs.